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The threadfin shad is a favorite food for many game fishes, including striped bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and catfish. This fish is widely introduced. Threadfin shad are often called into action to play the role of diversification. If you are considering using threadfin shad, here are some facts about this sleek, fast reproducing fish. Threadfin shad live mostly in the south, west of the Appalachians, into Florida, Georgia and Alabama and points westward, through Texas. They've been. Threadfin shad feed exclusively on plankton but have two methods of obtaining it, leading to a diversity of diet. They can spawn as early as their first summer of life but often wait till their second summer to mate. Mating occurs between August and July. The lay sticky egg masses that clump to the substrate or floating objects. Few of these fish live to be older than 2 years or grow over 10cm long.

A prime target for most freshwater predators, the Threadfin Shad is an abundant and widely dispersed forage, making the LIVETARGET Threadfin Shad Swimbait a lethal choice during the spring shad spawn, in the summer when shad school-up, and during the fall in the backs of creeks. 07.04.2018 · To a game fish, the LIVETARGET® Threadfin Shad Swimbait isn't just shadlike—it IS a shad, and that means dinnertime. This medium-slow sinker is simply the most lifelike, anatomically correct shadbait ever, and since it's a dead ringer for the most sought-after forage in the lake, it will catch fish when other lures can't. 13.09.2016 · Buy the LIVETARGET Threadfin Shad and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops.

Threadfin Shad are a favorite snack of most freshwater species. Simply fish Livetarget's Threadfin Shad Swimbait during the spring shad spawn, during the summer when shad school up or during the fall back in the creeks and you'll be sure to land a monster. 31.10.2008 · The threadfin’s tail, however, has just a shade of yellow, while the gizzard shad’s tail does not. Closer examination will also show that the lower jaw of the threadfin shad projects beyond the tip of the snout, but a gizzard shad has a more blunt nose and the jaw does not protrude beyond the nose. Both species often have a distinct black dot on the shoulder, behind the gills. Threadfin shad can have multiple spawning periods between April and August, as long as the water temperature ranges between 66 and 75 degrees, which is another possible explanation for their movements to shallow water each evening. 28.04.2011 · The rule is that a body of water that freezes over in the winter is too cold for threadfin shad survival. Water under the ice generally maintains a constant 39 F. The lowest temperature threadfin can survive is 40 F and then only for a short time. If the water were colder than 40 F for more than 2 days all threadfin shad would die. In. Shad For Catfish Bait: The Essential Guide Threadfin Shad and Gizzard Shad are very different fish. Threadfin shad are less hearty than gizzard shad, they cannot tolerate cold as well and they don’t grow to the sizes that gizzard shad do.

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